Download Candy Crush Cheats

In this Tutorial, I will be teaching you how to download the largest Candy Crush cheats list available online! Thousands of people play Candy Crush, and one may spend hour after hour trying to acheive a goal. It can be extremely time consuming!
Our Candy Crush cheat list can help you with your promlem! There are hundreds of cheats in the file, some you have probably never head of before!
Once you have downloaded it, you will just need to follow the short tutorial I have made below! You are one step closer to getting the largest Candy Crush cheat list online! Our team is constantly working hard on keeping the list updated and working for all of our users!
It comes in a TEXT format, this way it avoids any viruses!

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4 Simple Steps!
1. Download the Text File
2. Run it
3. Read how to use each cheat
4. Enjoy!

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